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Horseshoe Gifts & Products

Horseshoe Gifts & Products

We design and manufacture a range of products made from real horseshoes, the traditional symbol of good luck.

Horseshoes have long been associated with good luck, and traditionally are said to bring love and good fortune, and are therefore particularly popular gifts for special occasions.

At our workshop near Lambourn, Berkshire, "the valley of the racehorse" we transform our horseshoes or our customers own horseshoes into memorable products for special occasions and special memories.

A horseshoe is a lasting and unique gift that can be personalised for you.

Horseshoe Images

Horseshoe Images

Decorated, Personalised Horseshoes

Decorated Horseshoes Section
Anniversary Horseshoes, Wedding Horseshoes, Brides Lucky Horseshoe, Good Luck Horseshoe for Births, Christenings, Birthdays,
Lucky Horseshoe Birthstones & Zodiac Signs, Horseshoes for Special Occasions, Celebrations, Milestones & Landmarks

Horseshoe Photo Frames

Horseshoe Photo Frame Section
Horseshoe Photo Frames on Plinths, Plaques, Easels or Wall Hanging Engraved Name Plate options, Nickel Plated, Chrome Lacquered, Polished, Gold Gilt, Hand Painted
Single, Double & Triple Frames.

Horseshoe Products

Horseshoe Products Section
Horseshoe Coasters, Horseshoe Letter Racks, Horseshoe Tool Hangers, Horseshoe Stable Name Plates, Horseshoe Mirrors, Horseshoe Table Numbers & Trophies

Good Luck Horseshoes

Lucky Horseshoe Section
Lucky Horseshoes, Horseshoe Photo Charms, Polished Horseshoes, Hand Painted Horseshoes
Nickel, Chrome, Gold Gilt, Copper, Sparkling Aluminium and all metal lacquers
Choice of stands, Engraved name plates, Presentation Boxes, Ribbons
Real Thoroughbred Aluminium Racing Horseshoes, Steel Horseshoes, Shire Horseshoes

Horseshoe Clocks

Horseshoe Clocks Section
single clocks, double frames, treble frames, clocks on plinths,
wall clocks, clock & photo combinations

Owners Special Memory Horseshoes

Owners Special Memories Horseshoe Section
Your own photo reproduced and mounted. Your own horseshoes treated, polished & mounted.
Special memory & memorial Horseshoes