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Engraved Acrylic Bar Plates
  • Engraved Acrylic Bar Plates

  • Total Price will depend on the choices below.
  • Bar Plate Size
    Bar Plate and Text Colour
    Number of Characters

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Engraving products are for sale as an optional extra to be purchased with one of our horseshoes or our customers own horseshoes after we have treated them in the Special Memory section. Engraving is not for sale as a stand alone product.

Engraving and Engraving Plates are an optional extra and the prices displayed do not include the cost of the horseshoe which must be ordered separately with this item

A range of acrylic bar plates as an alternative to traditional metal plates for a coloured effect.

Clear plates with coloured text are reverse engraved (engraved on the back) which leaves a smooth front surface.
Having a clear plate will place the emphasis on the text as the clear plate is see through and less visible.

Coloured plates are surface engraved, the colour options are shown adjacent to the ROSSI photo.

The size of the characters (font size) depends on how deep the plate is and how many lines are required:
for example a 20mm deep plate with 3 lines and over 40 characters would have a font size of 14pt,
a 50mm deep plate (Stable Name Plate or House Sign Plate) with one line of less than 10 characters could have a font size of up to 108pt

The super sized font example shown (ROSSI) is a Stable Name Plate or House Sign Plate. Please click the link in the Related Products below to go to that product.

Click on HOW TO ORDER for more information

The price displayed is for engraving only and does not include the cost of the horseshoe or any additional extras.

Place your order for a horseshoe and then email us to advise that you would like an engraved acrylic bar plate. Also confirm the size and style required.

In the email type the text as you want to see it: i.e. with capitals, lower case, punctuation and spaces. Disregard layout as we will automatically centre the wording.

The maximum number of characters per line including spaces between words is only limited by the size of font.
The text can be spread over a number of lines limited by the size of acrylic bar plate required.

When we receive your horseshoe order and email, we will email you a mock up in various fonts for you to choose from.
If you need to see a mock up in various size font we can do that for you free of charge.

After you confirm the font choice and font sizes we will email you an invoice for the engraving with a secure link to pay online or you can call and pay over the 'phone when you receive the invoice.

Alternatively you can call and order both the horseshoe and engraving over the phone. In which case we will invoice for both products after you finalise your choices.