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Engraving Options
  • Engraving Options

The pictures above are examples of various types of engraving options that can be added to our or customers horseshoes, plinths and plaques etc.

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These items are for sale as an optional extra to be purchased with one of our horseshoes or our customers own horseshoes after we have treated them in the Special Memory section. Engraving is not for sale as a stand alone product.

Engraving and Engraving Plates are an optional extra and the prices displayed do not include the cost of the horseshoe

Bar Engraving is a plate that fits between the upright branches of the horseshoe (the bars).
The plate can be made in Satin, Nickel look or Polished (chrome look) aluminium, also in Gold, Brass coloured aluminium and Acrylic which can be clear with coloured lettering or solid colour with show through lettering colours.

Curve Engraving is a plate that fits to the toe (the bottom curve) of a horseshoe. It is only available in polished aluminium and is designed to attach to a polished front shape horseshoe.

Sole Plate Engraving is an acrylic coloured plate with show through coloured letters. The large engravable area allows for far more text than bar or curved plates.

Wood Engraving is cut into the wood or veneered surface of a plaque and can be curved to follow the contour of the horseshoe or traditional in straight lines.

Plinth and Plaque Engraving Plates are similar to Bar Engraving materials and colours, with the edges rounded or scalloped or straight corners to suit the shape of the plinth or plaque.

Easel Engraved Plate made from same material as a Bar Plate but sized to fit to an acrylic easel stand

Engraved Hunter Horseshoe is a wider horseshoe than our Thoroughbred horseshoes. We can engrave on the actual horseshoe around the toe.

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