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Due to the many variables of producing products from your horseshoes, it is not possible to order online.

We can clean and treat horseshoes to remove rust and tarnishing and the Horseshoes can then be Wire Brushed to brighten them or Polished to a gloss finish without altering their characteristics or coated with metal or enamel colours.

The example price guide below for steel horseshoes Surface Finish are based on one horseshoe.

Wire Brushed £11.90 (satin finish),
Polished £16.90 (chrome look),
Metal Lacquered £14.90 (wire brushed then coated in Nickel, Chrome, Bronze, Brass gilt, Gold gilt)
Enamel or Paint £14.90 (wire brushed then coated in any RAL colour, please ask for colour chart)

The following discount would be applied for orders that have more than one horseshoe
2 Horseshoes = Price displayed x 2, then 10% off that total
3 Horseshoes = Price displayed x 3, then 15% off that total
4 Horseshoes = Price displayed x 4, then 20% off that total

If you have Aluminium Horseshoes (throughbred racing plates) that you would like transformed into a memorable product then please contact us for prices which will be similar to the prices shown elsewhere on this website where we use our own racing plates as photo frames, clocks and horseshoe products etc.

For an example of the additional cost of converting steel horseshoes into one of the products displayed in the images please click the tab of each product for more details.

Optional extras such as Photo Mounts can also be purchased.

Click HOW TO ORDER tab for information on how to order.

After viewing the various product images and descriptions, contact us by email or 'phone to discuss what you would like to do with your horseshoe/s.

Tell us how you would like your horseshoe/s finished. Examples of Wire Brushed and Polished horseshoes are in the photos above.

Steel Horseshoes will naturally tarnish and may start to shown rust spots over time. The time depends on where the horseshoe is kept, its exposure to moisture and how often they are buffed/waxed when in your possession. The wire brushed and polished surface can be clear coat lacquered which will slow down tarnish/rust reappearance. The cost of clear lacquer is £2 per horseshoe.

If you prefer the finish to be a metal coating or paint finish we can email you examples on request.

Once we are clear as to your requirements we will email you a fixed price quote with a mock up photo of the product, there is no obligation on you to place an order.

If you then wish to proceed, post your horseshoe/s to us with a covering letter including your name, delivery address, mobile number and email address.

When we receive your horseshoe/s and covering letter we will confirm receipt and contact you to obtain any information we need to complete your order.

Due to the heavy weight of steel horseshoes a flat rate of between £4.50 and £7.50 will be added for posting and packing.
The actual postage cost will be calculated when we have your horseshoes in hand and can weigh them along with any additional extras.

When we have completed your order we will email you photos and then will email you an invoice with secure link to pay by card or you can telephone us when you receive the invoice and pay over the 'phone.

The work will normally take approx 10 days from receipt of your horseshoe and final details.

The following price guide is for the clock face and does not include the cost of treating your horseshoe/s which is displayed in the Summary tab

Clock Faces

White Clock Face £5.85

Single Colour Clock Face in any colour or shade or choosen from up to 180 background designs in any colour £6.85

Photo Clock Face - Produced from your email photo £7.35

Clock Numerals can be in any colour. We have 150 number designs to choose from
Clock Minute Divisions can be in any color (or left off if not required). We have 60 division designs to choose from.

You can choose an optional display plinth or plaque or stand from the Related Products links below DISPLAY PLINTHS

If you have 2 horseshoes with one to be a clock and the other used as a base (as the photo example above) then the extra cost to fix them is £7.50

Three Horseshoes are needed to create this product.

One can be your horseshoe with two of ours used as the back support and base
Two of yours with one of ours used as base or back support
Three of your horseshoes

The cost of treating your own horseshoe/s is shown in the SUMMARY tab
The additional cost of our horseshoes is from £3.90 to £13.90 depending on the finish you want them to be. Please see examples in the Lucky Horseshoe Section .

The additional cost of fixing the horseshoes is £10

You can turn the Letter Rack into a photo frame.
The cost is £5.85 for a blank acrylic photo mount for you to add your own photo or £7.35 if you email your photo to us to reproduce and fix.

The cost of treating your horseshoe/s is shown in the SUMMARY tab

The cost of adding Black of Clear horseshoe foot pads to be used as the coaster is £5.00 for one

The cost of using an Acrylic Photo Mount to be used as the coaster is £7.35 for one

The following discount would be applied for orders that have more than one horseshoe coaster foot pad or acrylic mount
2 foot pads or acrylics = Price displayed x 2, then 10% off that total
3 foot pads or acrylics = Price displayed x 3, then 15% off that total
4 foot pads or acrylics = Price displayed x 4, then 20% off that total

There is no extra charge if you want to use different photos in each coaster

The prices include fixing the coasters to the horseshoe/s

The horseshoe needs a flat base and if we need to remove toe or side clips then the additional cost is £1 per clip.

Engraved Name Plates can be added to steel and aluminium horseshoes.

The plate can be a Bar Plate between the bars of the horseshoe or a full face Sole Plate as shown in the photos.

Please click the link below in Related Products to see the range of colour options for the plate and the engraving and the costs etc.

The text can be the name and could include horse colour, hands, sire, dam, age, vet and farrier contact numbers etc

Please contact us for a quotation.