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Shire Steel Horseshoes
  • Shire Steel Horseshoes

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Heavy Steel Shire Size Horseshoes
approx 165mm wide x 160mm high x 12mm thick
weight approx 700gms, 0.7kg

Available in a choice of surface textures and a wide range of surface colour finish.

Optional extras can be purchased with these Horseshoes. Please click on Optional Extras tab for more information.

Click HOW TO ORDER tab for information on how to order.

Before making choices please take notice of the following advice:

Natural Untreated Horseshoes: We do not recommend adding colour to Natural Untreated Shire Horseshoes. The steel in natural condition is prone to rust and have surface scale which is a by product of production.

Wire Brushed Shire Horseshoes: Rust and Scale are removed by wire brushing and therefore all metal lacquers and paint colour finish can be added to Wire Brushed Shire Horseshoes.

Polished Shire Horseshoes: We do not recommend adding colour choices or enamel or paint colours to Polished Shire Horseshoes.
The thickness of the enamel paint covers the polished surface and is therefore seems a waste of your money.
Metal lacquer finish can be added to Polished Shire Horseshoes as the underlying surface can be seen through that lacquer.

If you are unsure, please contact us before ordering and we can assist you and if necessary provide you with an alternative method of placing the order and making payment.

If you are happy to order online please select from the drop down lists for the following choices:

Choose the surface texture from the drop down list
Choose the surface metal lacquer or paint colour from the drop down list. Click No Added Colour if you want the surface left as steel texture only.
Choose Lacquer Top Coat if the horseshoe is to be placed outside or click No Top Coat if indoors. We recommend adding a top coat lacquer to steel horseshoes that have no metal lacquer or paint surface as that will reduce the tendency to rust.
Choose remove clips if you want the horseshoe to have a flat back surface or click Leave Clips On.

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If you require optional extras please lick the OPTIONAL EXTRAS tab for details.

To add engraving to the horseshoe click on the link in Related Products below. Not all engraving options can be added to the horseshoe, if you are unsure please contact us for advice.

To purchase a product to display the horseshoe click on the Display Stands link in Related Products below.

To purchase a plinth to display the horseshoe click on the Shaped Plinth Double Horseshoe link in Related Products below. Although this is shown as a double horseshoe plinth it is the only plinth large enough to mount a Shire on.

To add a photo mount to the horseshoe click on the Photo Frame Conversion link in Related Products below.

Shire Horseshoes are to heavy to be placed in a presentation box, therefore please do not choose that option from Optional Extras